Foraging Fox

FoxHole2.14Well, after a few weekends away, I have only managed to make it down into the garden to take out the compost… But it’s been cold and wet, so not much really needs to be done at the moment. Yes, that’s my excuse. But, I did replant some poor little bulbs that were uprooted by what I can only presume was a fox.    I found a largish hole in the middle of my Shasta daisies (Leucanthemum x Something or other), where I had recently thinned out an area, giving some plants away to coworkers, and then replanted the space with some lovely double daffodil bulbs.  At least that’s what I think, I planted…  Another reason for starting this blog – to remind myself what I have planted, where and when!!  So, as you can see below, there are some bulbs left, but a wee bit of plant carnage.  Silly fox!  But I suppose an animal’s got to eat…  Oh well, I threw the wet soil back over the remaining bulbs and will hope for the best.  But I am not optimistic about this patch performing well this Spring!FoxHole.shasta2.15


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