Debugging Orchids

So in lieu of copious amounts of digging, weeding and pruning, I have taken this wet and cold opportunity to clean up my indoor orchids. For months now, they have been weeping gooey droplets, telling me that there are some little beasties infesting my lovely orchids. Mind you they keep on blooming and reblooming, so all is not completely lost.  It is shocking how these lovely house plants are often treated as disposable by folks who purchase orchids in bloom, and then toss them or kill them (usually by over-watering) just to buy another greenhouse grown plant.  Orchids are really quite easy to grow, and phalaenopsis in particular are good rebloomers with a wee bit of attention, moderate light and some orchid fertilizer.  But as with all plants, they can be impacted by pests, so some extra TLC from time to time can be in order.

In the US, I used put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe off any bugs/eggs over the whole plant. But rubbing alcohol doesn’t exist in the UK…so I use surgical spirit. I “think” these are roughly comparable, although the smells are quite different.  Well, the orchid leaves look nice and shiny now, and I’ve not seen any new droplets, so fingers and toes are crossed that I did a decent job of cleaning off the pests, whatever they might have been.


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