The Great Energy Race

The Observer has launched their 9th annual Ethical Awards.  These awards aim to showcase the amazing sustainable efforts being undertaken by organisations, businesses and individuals all across the UK.  There are have award categories ranging from the arts and fashion to travel and campaigning, and a new award for “the UK homeowner with the smartest energy-saving plan.”

I am SO amazingly thankful and happy to say that I have been shortlisted for the later, along with a few other people, to take part in the Great Energy Race!  The Observer had teamed up with B&Q’s energy-saving team to sponsor this 28-day race.  The judges will look for ingenuity and commitment in slashing home energy bill, and I’ve been thinking of little else these past few weeks! The winner will have their home fitted with up to £10k worth of a renewable energy measure – OMG, wouldn’t that be amazing??  Starting 10 March, I’ll be racing to reduce my carbon footprint and curb my family’s energy consumption.  From zero-cost measures like turning down the thermostat and wearing woolly jumpers to more capital intensive measures like investing in low energy lighting and better insulation, it all adds up!  So my family and I will be making our best effort, and I’ll have daily updates here and on twitter to see how we’re progressing.

It will be great to get advice from folks reading this, so please, please leave a comment with your pearls of wisdom!


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