Pipe Insulation – cheapest easiest and best value energy saver

I’m not sure why I love pipe insulation so much.  Honestly, I have no stocks that I know of in pipe insulation companies, and I’ve certainly had no payments from them.  Perhaps my affinity is due to the ease in slipping it on and the cheapness to buy?  Also, it’s one of those things that you can actually notice working!  After you install it, you’ll notice that you don’t have to wait so long for your hot water tap to get get warm again.   The best time to install it is when you have a plumber out and your pipes are exposed, so you get as much covered as you can.  You can do it yourself though, so when you have a kitchen or bathroom remodel, make sure that you have some pipe insulation on hand to nip in during the plumber’s coffee break and insulate your pipes!  Or, if you’re not that bold, then ask for your plumber to install it for you.  But know that a meter of pipe insulation from your big home DIY store will only cost you a few quid!  So don’t let anyone charge you unduly for it.  If you don’t have any plumbing work planned and no pipes are exposed.

I bet if you look under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, you will see some copper pipes.  One of these will be your hot water, so for easy peasy insulation, just figure out which one if for the hot water (just run your hot water until it gets warm, then tough the pipes – the hot water pipe will be hot) and then slap some insulation on it and tape the seams with gaffer tape (aka duct tape).  It’s really that easy!  Hence why I love this stuff!!!

When we insulated our loft, all exposed pipes up there were insulated, but we have some pipes below our bathroom and kitchen sinks that have exposed piping.  So, with a few metres of pipe insulation, they are no longer naked and keep their (my) heat much better.


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