Weekly Top 5 Tips: Heating and Hot Water

  1. Turn down your central heating thermostats to 15C or less for maximum weightloss and energy efficiency.
  2. Turn down your hot water tank or cylinder to 120F.
  3. Let the sun heat your home. We can’t all live in a passive solar house, but we can make sure to draw curtains on south facing windows in the morning and close them in the evening to let natural solar light warm the room and to help reduce heat loss in the evening.
  4. Seal as many draughts as you can to keep out the cold (and heat for those of you lucky enough to live in warm climates!)
  5. Insulation, insulation, insulation. Roll it out in your loft, spray it in your cavity wall space, put under your floors, sew it into your curtains, snap it onto your pipes, put a jacket on your hot water tank, paint and paper it on your walls. When doing any sort of DIY, try to think about ways to include insulation. Just like the supermarket says….It all adds up!

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