Going on a holiday? 5 tips to save energy while you are gone.

It’s a top tip Saturday!  With Easter coming up, you may be heading out of town. But before you leave, make sure you set aside some time to save energy and money while you are away.

  1. Turn down your heating to 50F/10C as you won’t need the heat. This is warm enough to keep indoor pipes from freezing and mould from growing. Ask a neighbour or use a mobile app to turn up your heat right before you return if you really hate returning to a cold home.
  2. Turn off your hot water if you have a tank or cylinder and are going away for more than a weekend.  If you have an easy switch for your hot water, you may want to turn this off even if you are away for just a day.
  3. Your refrigerator is a big drain of power in homes, so if you are away for an extended period, clean it out and leave it open and unplugged.
  4. Power saving Prosecco If you are gone for less time, you can turn up your fridge and freezer dials to a slightly warmer temperature to save energy. Refrigerators run more efficiently when full, so if you don’t unplug it while you’re away, put large containers of water (a few bottles of prosecco work nicely too!) in it before leaving.
  5. Turn off and unplug any electronics like your TV, microwave, computers and cooker which all use energy when plugged in.  Who needs clocks illuminated when you’re away?  It’ll prevent energy drains from standby, and if there’s a power surge while you’re away, it’ll save you blown-out appliances.Turn them off

Wonder how effective these measures are?  Put a post-it note on the inside of your front door with your meter readings written on it, and then check your meter again when you return.  You can see how much energy your home uses when you’re away, and perhaps it’ll help you identify other hiding energy drains.


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