Children’s Energy Blog Takeover

On this UK Mother’s Day (don’t worry you Americans, you still have a few weeks!) my lovely children are writing today’s blog.  I’m just the translator, and the computer is our spelling checker.

Here are the unedited answers from my seven- and two- year-old to my prompting questions.


Me: Why should people reduce their energy use?
7-year old:Because it’s better for the planet.  Because if the power stations use too much, they will pollute the Earth.
2-year old: Give them cuddles


Me: What do you think is the best way you can reduce your own energy use?
7-year-old: When you want some energy, you can use solar panels or you create your own energy machine.
2-year-old: Nothing!


Me: What about the water from our taps, do you know where this comes from?
7-year-old: The sea.
2year-old: No

After a wee conversation about rivers, reservoirs and groundwater, my 7-year-old says: I forgot it doesn’t come from the sea!


Me: Do you know how this water gets cleaned up and delivered to our flat so that we can drink, wash and bath in it?  And do we need energy for this to happen?
7-year-old: Yes
2-year-old: Nothing [then shakes her head]

Me: Yes what.
7-year-old: Yes we need energy


Me: Will you talk to your friends about energy use and try to get them thinking about how to reduce their carbon footprints?
7-year-old: I don’t know.
2-year-old: Yes, and put our feet in paint – and our fingers

Me: Why don’t you know?
7-year-old: I like playing with my friends more


Well, at least they are honest.  Now my children are asking me if they can invite the neighbours up to play, so it’s time to sign off!

Happy Mothering Sunday to you British mothers, and really to all mothers everywhere!  Keep on educating your children!



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