Great Energy Race Prize Donation

We’re in the home stretch now for the Observer’s Ethical Awards, Great Energy Race, sponsored by B&Q.   It’s been a really interesting and rewarding process, and now all eyes are on the prize!  Up to £10,000 on a renewable energy measure for the winner’s home.

After lots of thinking about my energy consumption as a whole, I think that the prize would be better used by my children’s current and future primary school.  They have to heat, light and provide electricity for well over a dozen classrooms, a gym hall, offices, kitchen etc.  Now, I’ve not seen their yearly utility statements, but I am sure that their bills are much much higher than mine, and goodness knows Edinburgh Council Schools can use the help!  So by helping my community, I will be helping myself and my children, so it’s really not that altruistic at all.

So anyhow, here’s my plea for everyone to vote for me and Blackhall Primary School!!  Let’s get renewable energy installed at a primary school and let hundreds of children see, use and learn to love renewables!!  Please share this with friends and family and ask them to vote for me.




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