The New Boiler – continued

Almost ready to turn onI didn’t realise how much of a big job changing a boiler can be!  The work began on Tuesday, and it’s still in full swing here.  It’s been a good learning experience, and I only wish we had decided to replace our old boiler earlier.  I’m really looking forward to using the new boiler, not least because it’s been COLD lately, and we’ve been without hot water for two days, and without central heating for a day.  But hey, we are saving lots of energy by not using the gas, so I really can’t complain.

When my lovely plumber offer to drag space heaters up my two flights of stairs, I told him “no”, as we’ve had the thermostat sitting on 13-15 degrees for the past month, so we can tough it out for 24 hours.  Apparently he doesn’t get any clients turning down his offer of portable heaters, because he asked me again before leaving and really wanted to make sure that indeed I didn’t want them.

I fired up my flower pot heater for the fun of it though and leave it on in my room! It radiates more ambiance than heat, but the ambiance is quite nice on a cold night!  Actually by the morning, after burning all night I can notice a difference in temperature in our back bedroom.  Usually the coldest room in the flat, this morning it is the warmest to a small degree.  The room has Georgian height ceilings and is fairly large, so I imagine in a smaller room it would actually make a warmer difference all with one little candle.  Well done wee flower pot heater!

I will need to make a top 5 energy tips for installing a new boiler.  I wish I had seen one when I was planning my boiler, as I might have altered our plans a bit if I had done a wee bit more research on the front end.   Well, you live and you learn eh?  But I’m sure that we’ll be very happy with our new boiler when we can fire it up tomorrow and finally take a warm 4-minute shower!






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