Top 10 Eco-friendly Father’s Day Presents

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and I still haven’t purchased anything for my own Dad, nor my husband!  Yikes.  But the good news is that I’ve narrowed down the options.  Some are in my price range and some are my dream presents for when I win the Lottery!  A girl can dream.

Please leave a comment with your favourite idea for an Eco Father’s Day present!  I’ll have an anniversary and birthday to shop for in the next 2 months!!


Green Wall Planters

I heart vertical green walls! Every time I see them, I drool.  I have a strong feeling that the skill needed to plant and maintain these is fairly sizeable, but I suppose one has to start somewhere right?


Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kits

My mushroom hating husband is starting to turn a corner after reading about the amazing health benefits of eating shiitakes.  Pearl Oyster Kitchen Garden mushroom kitSince I have to “hide” the mushrooms in our organic veg box every week by puréeing them into pasta sauces or soups, it would be great if slowly I can start to use these little brown guys chopped or whole instead.  I have a feeling if he grew his own mushrooms, he’d be must more inclined to eat them in larger bites.  The kids, probably not but it should be fun for the whole family at any rate to see these sprout and grow.

Not shiitake but I really like the packaging and ethos of this kit.


Language classes

I’m a big fan on  not giving “things” that require energy to make and just sit there waiting to eventually be thrown away.  So things that are consumable are usually my go-to option for gifts.  But learning a language is much much more than a gift.  We’ve been trying to teach ourselves Italian for 6 months now, but I think it might be time to get help from a living human being, as the books and CD’s from the library can only get us so far.  Any google search for your city will pop up a boatload of options.  I am seriously thinking about popping into this language cafe in Edinburgh.


Mirra Office Chair
This is obviously my dream present.  But if you don’t have a tiny weeny pocket book like I do, and are in the market for an office chair, then this should surely be on the top of that list. The chair is Cradle to Cradle certified, looks lovely, and it feels like you are sitting on a cloud!  Or at least it’s what I imagine sitting on a cloud would feel like.   I’ve been pining over this chair since 2003 when I helped organise a talk by the amazing William McDonough, in Nashville, and I got two of these chairs donated for door prizes (I know, nice prizes huh?).   One day, one day…

£850 in the UK – ouch!

$550 in the states


Bike Safety

At least one of us managed to keep their exercising New Year’s resolution.  Since my hubby cycles to work and I don’t fancy being a widow, I am a VERY big fan of all things related to cycling safety and high visibility.  I have a roll of the reflective tape, and can say it’s brilliant for putting all around on the bike, through loops on backpacks, on helmets etc.  But I came across these stickers below that look super cool too.  I’m half thinking of ordering them and letting the kids go nuts with them on daddy’s bike!  And these wheel lights are just cool for any age really.  My son’s friend has them on his bicycle and I’ve been trying to track them down for about a year now.  So may have to get two pairs of these for matching father’s and son’s bikes.

candy color reflective bike decals - rydesafe visible

Reflective stickers

Reflective tape

Wheel lights


Mobile Phone Standby Reducers

I’ve gotta say this was the first present on my list initially, but after doing a bit of digging, it turns out that reducing energy from standby phone recharging is really quite small.  Turning off your microwave so it’s not on standby is a much bigger energy reduction, so I will probably pass on this item.  But for the sake of inclusivity…

Standby Saver Socket:

Interestingly, if you are curious to see a list of energy usage for various plugged-in items around your house, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has compiled a table:


Reclaimed Teak Bench

Our garden “bench” has been needing to see the inside of a dumpster (that’s skip for you Brits reading this) for the past 3 years…  It’s broken with rotting wood shards poking out on all sides, and whenever the kids go near it, we say “be careful with the bench, you don’t want to get a splinter!”  So, really it needs to be removed.  I’ve been on the lookout for a second hand bench to save some money and recycle a large item.  But so far I’ve not seen anything that fits our budget, taste and need for a quality item.  So, I’ve come across this website that sells reclaimed garden furniture from old ox carts and boats.  Super cool pieces and for the quality of the wood, I think they are quite reasonably priced.  I have a feeling one of these may be our wedding anniversary present this year.

Canoe Bench

Bench made from a boat



Who doesn’t love a good smelling man?  Perhaps more of a present for me though…

This £50 man-fume is made with organic essential oils from Aveda.


Organic Whiskey

As if our liqueur cabinet needs another bottle of whiskey.  But these bottles are organic!  How cool is that?






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