Ash Arch

The garden has quite the little forest of volunteer ash trees and saplings.  They are starting to become a bit of a nuisance to tell you the truth, popping up in cracks between the cement and wall.  I’ve cut down a few of the smaller ones, and am half thinking that perhaps we’ll need to get serious to thin out some of the patches they have taken over.  But in the mean time, I’ve been cutting some of the longer lower branches that are pushing out and clogging borders.

Silly me, I’ve tossed countless branches into the trash, but this year I’ve been using some to hold up my tomatillos (lots of flowers, but still no fruit!) and tomatoes.  And this got me thinking about what else I could do with them.  The little branches are quite bendable, while the thicker bases can be quite strong and stable.  So bending them into an arch seemed quite easy and logical.

So… here’s my first attempt at any sort of garden structure construction with branches.  It may not be the prettiest arch in the whole world, but I’m totally happy with it.  I’ll leave it  hanging for a week or so to dry and then hopefully it’ll be easy to put in the garden.  I’ve a wee clematis already in the garden that could grow up one side, and I may plant another one to grow up the other side too.   Or I may leave it in the stairwell landing and grow a jasmine on it, if they can survive 10 degree C or colder winters, as it gets REALLY cold out there in the winter.  I’m not sure yet but we’ll see if it holds it’s shape once I take off all of the twine that’s currently holding it together.


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