The new allotment

It sort of feels like I have just won the lottery.  Seven years ago, then I first moved to Edinburgh, I found out about the concept of allotments (hard for most Americans living in detached houses to understand) and high demand for allotments in Edinburgh in particular.  So within a few weeks of moving, I figured out how to get myself on the waiting list.  I did that months before I ever learned how to unscrew a bayonet light-bulb in fact! But don’t get me started on the stupidity of bayonets…

I wish I had a lovely photo to post of the new plot.  But as luck would have it, I am temporarily living in Italy and can’t actually get my hands dirty with “my” new dirt for another month.  However, as it’s still very much winter in Edinburgh, there probably isn’t a whole heck of a lot I could be doing there anyhow at the moment.  Or at least I’ll tell myself that to appease my anxious fingers.

In the mean time, I have lots and lots of thinking to do, and the luxury of time to read-up and draft a plan for this space.  Thankfully I happen to be married to the best soil scientist in Edinburgh, if not the world, with a few graduate students that might be talked into taking some soil samples for me whilst I’m away!  That’s my first plan of attack to help me figure out soil amendments needed and preferential plants that will be most happy on the plot.

Whilst I’ve not had outstanding success in a multitude of edible plants in my own wee Scottish garden at home, I suspect the success rate will be fairly low the first few years.  Any and all hints, tips and recommendations that can be shared are MORE than welcome, so pretty please, write a comment below!


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