Gardening Scotland



Lithodora Diffusa ‘Heavenly Blue’

Wow, what a weekend it’s been?  I struggle to say it has been a hot weekend.  But it has certainly been nicely warm at 19 degrees C.   Instead of working away in the garden today, pulling weeds that are nearly going to seed… I spend the day at Gardening Scotland.  I had no idea what I needed to buy for the garden, so just went to get inspired.  It turns out that hostas and alpines inspired me.   I bought two of each (Minute man and Whirlwind), and have already planted the hostas.  Apparently I really really like minuteman, as I came home and went to put my two new hostas near to my only hosta, planted about 2 years ago, and it’s exactly like the old one.  I haven’t a clue the variety name (Have a hunch it was Patriot), but they look indistinguishable to my untrained eye.  So I planed the new one on the other end of the garden.


Saxifraga gaudinii ‘Canis-dalmatiica’

I’ve had mixed luck with aplines in pots.  Theoretically they should be difficult to kill… But I think perhaps I haven’t been planting them with enough sand/grit in the soil?  Perhaps I’ve let them dry up completely?  Who knows, but anyhow, I’ll keep trying.  I was really really wanting to buy another plant, but given my success rates in keeping these guys happy and alive, I decided to be conservative with my pocket book.

The biggest purchase of the day didn’t even go to a plant…  I feel a bit embarrassed to say that, given the amazing peonies on offer (I was “this” close to buying a gorgeous red one called America).  Perhaps I should have packed a lunch, because my stomach got the better of me, and the opportunity to buy venison fillet was just too tempting.  So Tuesday night’s dinner is going to be amazing!   In a past job, we managed a research project looking at carbon emissions from farm vs wild deer, and it turned out that eating wild deer decreased GHG emissions. No, this cut of meat wasn’t wild, but certainly its carbon footprint is lower than beef.