Seed success in Italy

Finally, I found a place with decent and fresh seeds.



Every Saturday, there is an amazing outdoor market that is set up in the Prato della Valle in Padova.  It’s not the famous fruit market in the city centre, even though it is bigger and does have quite the variety of fruit and vegetable venders.  There are also more shoe and clothes venders than I could ever imagine too.  But at the far end there are the plant venders.  Ohhh, if I were going to stay here in the long-term I could very easily rack up a huge debt buying the lovely citrus trees they are selling at the moment.  From tiny round kumquats to massive and funky hands of Buddha.  There are also the standard lemon and orange trees too.  It makes me want to plant my own little citrus grove, like the one in Riverside California that is home to one of the largest collection of citrus species.  And kids are allowed to just run through the orchard there, enjoying the trees bejeweled with fruits.  As a parent, the occasional windfallen orange may find it’s way into my purse and then mouth… Although strictly forbidden!

I really need to stop dreaming about my California days!  Gees, I’m in gorgeous Italy for goodness sakes!

So, I did fine two venders that sold seeds at Prato della Valle, and one of them had my trendy purple vegetables.  Yeah! So I shall try out growing my own purple tomatoes and carrots.  Antioxidants here I come!

I also seem to be the only person in the world who doesn’t grow my own lettuce, so I finally bought a package of cut and come again greens.  Now, I can’t wait for summer.