Magical Mushrooms

I’m not sure if I gave my husband a Father’s Day present that was for him, or for me.  He’s been getting rather excited about the amazing health properties of shiitake mushrooms for a while, and I love to grow plants, so it just sort of seemed logical to get a mushroom block.  We, well OK I, have been squirting the block several times a day now for the past month, and we’ve started to collect a nice little bounty of shiitake caps.  It’s the first time I have ever grown mushrooms, and I’ve gotta say, it is really quite fun and easy.

My husband keeps saying that these shiitakes are like eating multi-vitamins, and he’s not too far off.  They are quite rich in B6 and other vitamins and minerals, in addition to being quite high in fibre.  I used to take B6 supplements when I was a kid and camping because someone said it helped repel mosquitoes.  I’m not sure it ever really worked, but surely it couldn’t have hurt.  So add that to the nutritional and immune system boosting properties of these little guys and you have one rather nice super food.  

Plus they are quite tasty!  We’ve been popping them on pizzas and into pasta sauces.  When nobody is looking I also finely chop them to add to mince to bulk up the meat and hide them from our picky son who refuses to eat any vegetable or fungus.